Pour Me Coffee Brewer

What Is The Pour Me?

The Pour Me brewer is a new take on an old way of pouring a great cup of coffee! Hand-crafted in Louisville, Kentucky, the ceramic funnel is skillfully created one at a time. The wood base is cut from reclaimed, or new hard-wood depending on availability, and finished by hand.

The pour-over brewing method is known around the world as the optimal way to create a cup of coffee. Giving you ultimate control over variables such as strength, temperature, texture, and taste, you can now create barista style coffee in just a few minutes. Each Pour Me is carefully crafted to become a regular fixture in your home!

Everyone's taste in coffee varies, the single cup Pour Me brewer allows each person to make coffee exactly as they like it! As a part of your daily routine the Pour Me is a step toward reducing your coffee footprint versus a single-serve coffee maker.

Enjoy a single cup of coffee without a single bit of plastic waste!





Louisville, KY 40204

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