The Pour Me consists of a wooden stand and ceramic brewing funnel! The wooden stand has an adjustable rubber o-ring to change the funnel’s height for a perfect fit just above the rim of your coffee cup. 

• Boil a little more water than the amount of coffee you wish to brew.

• Place a filter (#4) in the funnel and add the amount of ground coffee you choose.

• Slowly Pour the boiling water over the dry grounds until fully immersed.

•Place a cup or mug u nderneath the funnel and adjust the o-ring for height to just above your cup.

• As the initial pour drains, pour more water over the grounds clinging to the side of the filter so they are again immersed to complete the brewing. Stir if needed.

• When the cup of coffee is ready, remove the mug and place the funnel where it can drain without mess. 

• Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee!

Tips for a good Brew

Everyone's taste in coffee varies, the single cup Pour Me brewer allows each person to make coffee exactly as they like it.

 • Use good-quality, fresh coffee, choose your favorite roast-level or flavor you prefer.

 • A #4 paper filter will work best inside the funnel. The round basket-style or the cone shape will work well.

• Grind the whole beans just before brewing. A medium-fine grind is a good coarseness.

•Experiment with the grind and amount of coffee you use until you find what suits you, then stick with it.

• One tablespoon of ground coffee per eight ounce cup, and a medium fine grind is a good starting point for your experimentation.

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