It began with the search for a great cup of coffee using no plastic and less waste.


Our Story

The Pour Me Coffee Brewer began as an idea to create great coffee with less waste. John and Alex had been looking for a better way to make a morning cup of coffee.
This is their story... 

While waiting in his office break room one day for the automatic single-cup coffee maker to deliver a fresh, hot cup, it occurred to John:
“is it really a good idea to force boiling water through a fragile plastic cup and then drink it?”
Luckily, traditional pour over coffee is an ideal way to get the freshest cup while avoiding plastic waste or drinking trace amounts of plastic.
John had purchased fresh pour over coffee from local coffee houses, but he wanted to brew the same kind of delicious coffee at home. So John set about to make  a pour over stand. Having experience working with wood, John developed a stand for the funnel he imagined. To bring his idea to life, John created a crude funnel to hold the coffee, but he needed to find a potter…

John came to Alex's pottery studio with his rough model of a funnel needed to make the pour over stand functional. As an ecologically-minded coffee drinker himself, Alex knew immediately that it was a project worth pursuing. He set out to refine John’s model, and to create a working ceramic funnel. The shape and size had to be just right. After several attempts, and many months later, the “Pour Me” funnel was ready for small batch production. Each one is hand made and thoroughly crafted to become a regular fixture in your kitchen! As a part of your daily routine the Pour Me Brewer is a step toward lightening your coffee footprint.

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